Stanmore Estate - Black Honey


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A caremely sweet cup, with a silky mouth-feel. Snappy berry-orange citric acidity

Notes: Orange Candy, Prunes, Crème Caramel
Producer: Navin, MSP COFFEE
Farm Name: Stanmore Estate
Varietal: Selection 9 & S 795
Harvest: 12 Jan - 26 Feb 2020
Elevation: 1420 MASL
Processing: Black Honey – Pulp Sun Dried.
Roast: Medium to light; omni- roast

This is the first time we are working with Navin from MSP coffee. We had our first chat with him, around December 2019 when the 2019-2020 harvest was in its initial stages. He sent us a small bag of this coffee and we were blown away! We couldn’t help but want MORE.

Stanmore Estate is one of the 7 estates managed by MSP Coffee. Here coffee is grown alongside pepper, durian, jack fruit, mangosteen, figs, nutmeg, cloves and other native fruit trees. This estate has been producing quality coffee for over 100 years and is currently managed by the 5th generation of progressive coffee farmers. They put their heart and soul into what they do – their commitment to quality and attention to detail is truly inspirational. We cupped quite a few coffees from this estate this year – each had a personality of its own. We are already exploring ideas for collaborating with them in the future!

Only the ripest coffee cherries were harvested during multiple rounds of picking. Floaters/defects were removed by washing multiple times. The cherries were then lightly de-puled so most of the mucilage still stuck to the beans. These fleshy beans were then taken through a series of aerobic and anaerobic fermentation processes managed by variables like Ph., Sugar content (Brix), temperature etc. over a period of 96 hours. Then the beans were dried on raised drying beds for 18 days. After resting for 3 months for optimum flavour development, the beans were packed in hermetically sealed bags. Finally they were shipped to US so we can do our magic on them and share them with YOU!

Roast Style:
A very modern roast profile to preserve fruit notes and citrus acidity. Slow start fast finish roast, landing in the light to medium bucket. This is an omni-roast – works well on drip/immersion styles brews as well as espresso. Tasting notes mentioned are based on brewed coffee.