Kelagur Heights (Microlot) Geisha


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Kelagur Heights Coffee and Tea Estates is owned by the Mathias Family. It is located up the winding roads of stunning Shola hills in Manjarabad, Chikmagular District, Karnataka State. Coffee grows under a mixed canopy of shade trees such as ficus, albizzia, cedrela toona and javanica. Working closely with many specialty coffee brands around the world, this coffee estate established in 1927 strikes a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Selective picking, distinct coffee varietals, experimental processing methods are just a few of the reasons why we love Kelagur Heights Estate.


Region: Manjarabad, Chikmanglur
Varietal: Geisha x HDT / S 2794. Arabica.
Process: Washed
Altitude : ~1200 MASL
Roast style : Medium-light, Modern, Filter
Notes: Mango, Lemon Jam, Milk Chocolate
Vibrant mango acidity balanced by a milk chocolate body. Citrusy sweet aftertaste.

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