What is a Commune?

May 31, 2018

Ordinarily a Commune is a place where people live together and participate in the daily chores of life.

 My Commune, Osho's Commune is all that and more. The 'more' part is that mysterious element that binds this whole planet, this universe, together. This is LOVE. This Love as yet lies undiscovered within you. The spiritual commune is people living together making an effort through their meditations to uncover this Love. This is the focus. Love is the focus, NOT the living together. That is just the meat and potatoes part of it. Just the container and support for the event of LOVE to happen.

Wherever my people meet, it becomes the Commune. It could be a train station, the airport or supermarket, someone's house. Wherever my people meet in LOVE the outer ceases to become the mundane and becomes the spiritual. Matter and spirit are unified in this Love. The world and the other world become one in this realisation. This Earth then truly is a manifest paradise.

But the journey is arduous because of your mind. Your mind is attached to possessions, ideas, behaviour patterns and all this garbage you think is so important. You think this house is yours,  this wife is yours, this society is yours etc etc. Everything you own you are enslaved by it. Then Love becomes impossible. Then people are living together in a drag. Just dragging the burdens around.

LOVE is the only communion. The word commune comes from Communion. To live together in my commune is to be in Communion with Love, and LOVE is the only God there is!

And how do we come to this Love? This that is our inherent reality? 

Through freedom. Freedom is the way. Freedom from the mind. You are entrapped in your mind. This mind which is just smoke and mirrors. Mind is like being in a house of mirrors, hundreds of reflections in which the real gets lost. The society, your friends, family, everyone you know, all knowledge you have gathered is reflected in this house of mirrors and you are trying to deal with all these reflections...which are just noise...and you don't know who You are anymore.....and your essence is lost in this noise. You are not the mind, in fact this mind is just a frequency that enters you and hijacks your very soul.

Freedom from mind is needed. How to become free? First through intensive observation it will be seen that this mind is not you, it exists because you give it importance. Stop giving it importance, and you begin to extricate. But you don't want to be free! This is the whole problem.

Freedom has consequences, all that you held important, near and dear will begin to lose significance and then there is fear. If the society is not important, if the politics is not important, if morals, etiquette, relationships, jobs, money and all this is not important then what will become of you? Then who are you? At least all these things give you a sense of your own existence. The belief is that if all this is real then you must be real too! And then a Master comes along and says all this is garbage and you start to tremble, then who are you? No one wants true freedom people only talk about it. Slavery is far more comfortable.

A meditator has to take the risk to leap into the void beyond the mind, then and only then can your true being, the essential Love become your manifest reality.



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