Explanation of Tibetan Pulsing

October 29, 2017

(This text is a transcribed excerpt from a spontaneous talk given by GuruG)

When we pulse, whatever organ we are working on, we are bringing the pulse to that organ. So in the channel of that organ, in the bio electrical field of that organ the prism of your ego is present. When you start to flood the system with pulse, that prism breaks up and your organic structure falls back into harmony with the Earth. So this is not about wearing Birkenstock and hemp socks. That’s not the way to come back to harmony with the Earth.

The way to come back to harmony with the Earth is to flood your system with the pulse which basically is love. The pulse beat of this Earth is love. When you feel love in your hearts you are fully in tune with the Earth. To be fully in tune with the Earth means you’re fully in tune with all the planets, because the Earth and all the planets are just fully in love! There’s just a field of love! Earth, Sun, Moon, Solar system, Universe keeps expanding, all connected with stream of love. The only thing that blocks you from a stream of love is your ego. The prison of your ego. It’s like looking at things with colored glasses. You just have to remove the glasses… It’s easy and it’s also difficult. It’s easy when you know that there is no other choice. It’s very difficult when your mind says “NO!”- and the mind is the prison, so the prison talks to itself. Your prison which is your "I"dentity, your very sense of separation from everything.

So this is what needs to be dissolved. This is what this work is about- dissolving the identity, dissolving ego. Just remember, everything you do on this Earth is an extension of this prison, this mind, ego identity. It’s a game. If you become serious about the game it means you become serious about your own identity. And this very identity has to be dropped! You have to bypass it. So we have to play the game well. That’s for sure. It’s a game played well, but if you know it is a game than you know there’s no need for misery. There may be pain, that’s part of life, but misery and unhappiness is the construct of the mind. No need for all that. Joy is the natural fountain of life. To be in joy means to be in synchronicity with the Earth’s pulse. Misery, seriousness, fighting, attachment - this is loosing track that you are just playing the game. It’s a game!!

Even if you are the greatest dancer in the world or you’re aspiring to be one, or you’re a great potter or aspiring to be one, a great artist, musician, etc, be careful - this is the beautiful ego. The businessman is a boring ego and the artist is a beautiful ego, but they are both egos. They are both prisons of the mind. One is more positive than the other for sure, but ultimately don’t get attached! That is the problem with artists, they become far more attached than an ordinary businessman. The ordinary businessman somewhere there knows it is all rotten shit what he is doing. But the artists start to fool themselves, they start to believe they are great creators, that they are doing something very special. Ultimately it’s not true, and they become more prone to be attached to what they are doing. The artistic way is definitely a good doorway to get closer to joy and love. I say “closer” but it can also become a barrier if you are not aware, if you loose meditation.

So always remember, the ego comes at you in both ways- negative way and also in the positive way: Neti Neti. Go for the essential. The essential is the core of these two. The transcendent core. You have to jump. And pulsing is very easy - you just dissolve...

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